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Welcome to
Lavanda & Eucalypto Designs 

As a boutique-style studio, Lavanda & Eucalypto Designs brings a creative edge to your wedding and engagement. Based in Alexandria, VA we approach each wedding with the care and devotion the special day truly deserves. Each event is different, fun, and our clients are always smiling.


Some kind words

We love being able to witness our clients beaming from ear to ear on their wedding day.  We are thoroughly proud and humbled to say that we’ve received some glowing testimonials. Please feel free to read through them and let us know if you have any questions about our different  services.

Flexible, high contact, and beautiful results!

Lavanda & Eucalypto's Designs have made me extremely pleased. Ana truly brought my concept to life for my micro wedding; she altered the space such that it felt like spring even though it was winter. The space had the atmosphere of a beautiful flower greenhouse. My bouquet was more beautiful than I could have dreamed.

I really liked how quick Ana was when communicating, and she was able to work with strict and short deadlines; she handled her time so effectively. She was also very knowledgeable about flowers, and she recommended and helped choose flowers that all went together with the colors that I wanted. Her service is also felt very personal, unlike other vendors that rely on filling out forms before even talking to them. Ana's services are of high contact, which is exactly what I needed, since I had only 2 months to plan my wedding, I needed to have open communication constantly. Thank you again!!!!!

Adriana & Okan

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